Welcome in Switzerland :-)

Elsklingen min! I know, the Swiss, especially me, are not the fastest. In my case I needed 22 years to open my eyes and take the luck at the hand... ;-) Soon you're starting the adventure of your life and move to Switzerland. Actually is it not that clear, as me is the adventure or Switzerland ;-) Anyway, you'll notice soon, that Switzerland is a beautiful Country with wonderful polite people. But don't forget one thing, as me needed 22 years to realize my luck, the Swiss needs often much more time as the fast Norwegian People ;-)  


As a little surprise I prepared this blog "Heidi's Switzerland" for you - I know, you'd like to write a diary. So all your relatives and friends can take part of your impressions, for example how the Swiss treat women, our special rules regarding making the laundry and car washing :-) Enjoy!

Elsker deg, Reto 

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